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Pumpkabooo (Art)
Sirsnek (Art)
Konarika (Art)


"We are the brave souls of the forest, our loyalty bonds us together as one big family. Many see ThunderClan as weak for our peaceful ways but don't be mistaken, we are tough and fierce but only use our strength when absolutely needed. Our actions and words revolve around what's right and we're not afraid to challenge the Warrior Code. We pride ourselves in being forgiving and accepting. I respect the other clans wholeheartedly, but there is no clan as courageous and loyal as ThunderClan." 

- Dustyroot on
"Just as the river is, the clan of RiverClan is often not the most friendly and makes for a strong, formidable opponent. RiverClan is stubborn and clever, we don't easily admit to mistakes. We are a graceful clan that embraces the warrior code with the deepest respect. RiverClan takes delight in collecting beautiful shells we find on the beach and decorate our dens with them."

- Brightfoot(star) on RiverClan
"We are the ones who dare to tread in nightmares, our souls cannot be touched by darkness for we dwell in the shadows. Many have called ShadowClan cold-hearted foxes and maybe it is so for some cases, but we ShadowClan are loyal above all else and if one would take the time to look past their upturned nose they could see what is clear. Do not to provoke the wrath of ShadowClan, because our strength and ambition will do us just and in times of hardship our determination will carry us swiftly through anything, so long as we band together." 

- Roanfeather(star) on ShadowClan