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"ThunderClan has always been doubted for our peaceful and tranquil ways. Everyone never sees us as a threat because they believe we' sit on the sidelines while building crowns rather than get our paws dirty. Little do they know that our peacefulness is just a way to get them to lower their defenses: allow them to believe whatever they want. ThunderClan is like the lightning and thunder in a storm: fierce and powerful. So, do not pass us off as weak for wanting peace - we'll show you the true ferocity of ThunderClan strength just as much as we'll show you the true nobility of ThunderClan diplomacy."

- Nightstar on ThunderClan
"They say that ShadowClan is coldhearted, that we aren't friendly..They're right. We're the clan that stalks the shadows, hiding in the depths of the darkness waiting to strike. Fear isn't in our vocabulary, and limits? Sorry doll, but we have none of those. Our paws are stained in blood, teeth hungry for a fight. The top of the totem pole belongs to us and anyone that tries to come between that will pay the price. Tuck your loved ones in tight at night and pray we don't pay you a visit.. Mercy is never an option for us. If you aren't with us, you're against us.. May StarClan help your soul if that's the case."

- Tawnystar on ShadowClan

"Just as the river is, the clan of RiverClan is often not the most friendly and makes for a strong, formidable opponent. RiverClan is stubborn and clever, we don't easily admit to mistakes. We are a graceful clan that embraces the warrior code with the deepest respect. RiverClan takes delight in collecting beautiful shells we find on the beach and decorate our dens with them."

              - Brightstar on RiverClan

Nightstar has gone missing in roleplay... What will ThunderClan and Nightstars fate be?

● Topazblaze is the new deputy! Congratulations!

● Birchwhisker is the new medicine cat! Congratulations!
Crowpelt is the new deputy! Congratulations

 ● Fallenfox is the new medicine cat! Congratulations!

Mushroombelly is the new medicine cat! Congratulations!

Palepaw is the new medicine cat apprentice! Congratulations!