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Spring Gatherings

March 10th

April 14th

May 19th



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"Thunderclan has been taken for granted for too long. We've been seen as non-threatening by our very rivals, but this has to come to a point of change. The tables have to turn, and no longer shall we look to a future somebody to do it for us, because those times are here. We will be the anarchists to our own stereotype, we will be the breaker of our own rules. We have been tested to our limits, but in these trying times, we must realize that sometimes strength lies in the peaceful way. Thunderclan has been mistaken to be weak, but what our foes fail to realize is that our strength comes from the peace we hold dear. "

- Applestar on ThunderClan
 "Like the tides we are ever changing, like the river we are strong and like the sea we are mysterious. With fangs and claws we will fight to defend our place. Formidable and stubborn we rise like the waves. Our resilience is unquestionable. Shadows, wind and thunder cannot stand against the force of water, for water can take down anything in its path. Like the force and beauty of water, we are graceful and powerful. Pride and bravery run through our bones and we will stand united to overcome any obstacle. RiverClan is strength and grace, like the river we adapt."

- Floodstar on RiverClan
"Chased out of our home, Windclan has been brought down low over and over, but now we rise from the ashes the fire left, stronger than ever. Quick-witted and quick-footed, we are the rulers of the moorland, and our hearts beat in tandem with the blowing wind. We may be smaller than most, but understimating us will only lead you to your doom; we are cunning as we are fast, and our unique tactics are unmatched all across the land. Without trees to block the view, our endlessly rolling hills are the closest to Starclan out of all the territories, and our faith in them is as unwavering as our loyalty to our kin. We are the clever runners, and we came back to stay."

- Whitestar on WindClan
 "Shadowclan may keep to the shrouded forest where we make our home, but we aren’t shy. Nor are we weak. Others may think us cold, and that may be true, but at the root of it we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. To do what needs to be done. The forest has underestimated Shadowclan for too long. No longer will we suffer under the teeth of our enemies. You’ll learn rather quickly now. A snake will always slip from beneath your paws. You better hope you’re lucky enough to escape it’s fangs. "

- Pumpkinstar on ShadowClan