A guide to becoming a High Rank

So you want to become a high rank on Bryniel? Here's some tips on what the staff / other high ranks look for when picking.

             What we look for
  • Somebody active on Bryniel
  • Somebody kind, you have to be able to control any anger / any  hate towards others. You need to be able to be level-headed and handle situations. Some situations do call for more drastic measures, which is fine, but in general overall kindness to members is a must. 
  • Somebody that roleplays. Being active in the OOC is one thing, but you must roleplay to obtain a high rank.
  • Somebody with enough free time to handle a rank. If you're too busy with school, work, sports, etc, a rank may not be for you. Bryniel is a big site, thus the need for dedicated high ranks.
  • For leader, deputy and medicine cat we look for a character that's at least 24 moons (2 years). Medicine cat apprentices must at least be 6 moons.

    What we won't pick

  • Somebody that constantly changes their character. This just shows the staff you're unable to stay tied down to one character. A high rank must be able to stick to their high rank as their main character, they're unable to change said character. If you're unable to stick to one character, you're unable to stick to a high rank. Keep in mind it's fine to have multiple characters, by this we mean if you're the type of person to create a character, toss them out, create another character and then toss them out (so on), it's very unlikely you'd be picked.
  • Somebody that begs for a high rank. It's 100% fine to show interest, but please refrain from harassing other high ranks or staff members for a spot. High ranks are earned.
  • For medicine cat / medicine cat apprentice we won't pick a character with offspring, whether adopted or not.

    Tips for becoming a High Rank

  • Become friends with your clan high rank, let them get to know you. You'll have a higher chance at becoming a high rank if the current high ranks are comfortable around you. It's unlikely they or the staff will pick someone that doesn't get along with them / someone they barely know.
  • Roleplay with the high ranks, let your characters get to know each other. You'll have a greater chance at becoming a high rank if the current high ranks have relationships with your character.
  • Don't give up just because you didn't get the high rank you wanted. High ranks are always opening up, your chance will come if you follow the information from this page.
  • Stick to the clan you want to be a high rank in. Clan-hopping for a rank is very obvious unlike popular belief and shows the staff you can't stay dedicated to a clan. Keep in mind it's completely fine to have characters in all clans, that would never decrease your chance. This tip is specifically directed to those who make a main character in a different clan every time a high rank opens. Make sure you're happy with the clan you want to be a high rank in and make sure your character can fit that clan. I.e we wouldn't pick an evil/dark high rank for any clan but ShadowClan. We lean towards peaceful for ThunderClan, not evil but not necessarily fully peaceful for RiverClan, overall generally peaceful for WindClan, ShadowClan can go either way. Leaders especially need to be able to grasp what the clan their leading truly stands for. If all leaders and clans acted the same, it wouldn't be fun.

    To sum everything up, the general gist is.. Be active, don't just come back for a high rank when it's open. Be there when it's closed, show your dedicated to Bryniel and not just power. Prove you can be consistently active to keep up with a high rank. Be kind, put yourself in the shoes of others, would you want to be ignored? Stick to a character, build that character up. Roleplay with the high ranks in the clan you want to be a high rank in, get to know them in and out of roleplay. The better they know you and your character, the higher chance you have. Don't make a character, drop them, make another one, drop them, make another one, drop them. Show dedication to your character, show you can build a character up and enjoy continuously roleplaying them. Show that you want to help build your clan up as a high rank. If you follow these steps, you're on your way to earning a high rank.