Welcome to RiverClan, we're known for our love of water. We live on a beach shore off the coast from the ocean. Our leader Floodstar is known for her beauty and grace, but be careful not to meet her other side.. It's whispered that her stare can turn cats to stone.

Lighting The Fire

RiverClan is declaring war on The Fire. For too long have we suffered from their torment. NO MORE! RiverClan will rise up until the The Fire is nothing more than ashes dusting a bloody battlefield. We will no longer be at the end of their jokes or threats.

OPEN for new clan born characters
OPEN for rogues, loners and kittypets
OPEN for other clan transfers.

Private message Floodstar to have your outsider join!
January 22nd

Floodstar, Nightstar and Pumpkinclaw planned an execution in secret for Tawnystar of ShadowClan after the news she had teamed up with The Fire and murdered ThunderClan kits. During the execution, Nightstar of ThunderClan was killed.

March 10th

Floodstar was the first RiverClan leader to be given the ancient RiverClan relic.

March 25th

Pansysong was chosen by StarClan to become the new medicine cat!

We are currently neutral with ThunderClan.

We are currently very hostile with ShadowClan.

We are currently neutral with WindClan.


• RiverClan has declared war on The Fire!

• Adderpaw became an apprentice with Floodstar as her mentor!

• Cinder, a former kittypet, has joined as an apprentice!

• Snowflower, a former ShadowClanner, has joined!

• To be added!

• A ShadowClan patrol approached a RiverClan patrol asking for shells.


"If I'm Prince Charming, what does that make you? A snake." - Cypressflame

Coconutpaw & Dandelionpaw

• "What's with all of these newcomers joining RiverClan? First, we got that kittypet... Cinderpaw, was it? And now that ShadowClanner Snowflower joined! What's next?"

• "Wow! Did you see Floodstar when she declared war? She's crazy strong! I bet she can defeat the army with her paws tied!"

• "It looks like someone was digging for shells near the river, but I thought Crowstorm didn't give ShadowClan any.. Someone else must have, but who?"

• "Rumor has it ShadowClan is forcing their warriors to fight each other.. Keep an eye on them. They're untrusworthy."

• "I was out hunting when I heard the craziest sounds coming from the falls... Pumpkinstar was shouting his own name! I don't know if he was taking to himself or what, but there was a lot of hissing and growling... I think I even caught a whiff of blood! We should go check it out, what do you say?"

• "ThunderClan has been awfully quiet lately. I don't think they've been remarking their borders either. I knew they were a lazy clan, yeesh!"


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