First you should visit the rules page and brush up on the rules, some rules apply to how you have to roleplay, i.e no godmodding and such. Here's a few examples of rules and suggestions.

This guide is done in human roleplay.

1.) We encourage third person roleplay.

2.) You should roleplay past not present

3.) One sentence replies are not allowed, please put effort into your post! This is a literate roleplay.
4) You can not powerplay or godmod in your roleplay, please try to avoid doing that at all costs.

[Powerplay - Controlling another role-player's character.]
[Godmod - When a character has the ability to do anything without limitations; When a character can defeat any obstacle; When a character, during a fight, can dodge all blows by an opponent even when the attack would realistically kill or injure the character.

Knowing your role-play is bad

Rarely will anyone come out and admit their role-play is bad, but this does not mean that your role-play is wrongly done. Sometimes your role-play is bad due to the lack of inspiration and knowledge. Maybe you find yourself being called a noob?

Noob is often used to refer to those who are new and inexperienced as a new member or role-player. Ask yourself: Are you envious of other people's more advanced role-play? Do you want to be able to write paragraphs of vividly descriptive role-play like them?

Capitalization and Spelling

Capitalization and spelling both weigh in heavily on how advanced a role-player you are. Most are not fond of reading constant misspelled words or lack of capitalization.

"mackenzie wlkd into the room and smled."

-This is what someone would consider as a bad piece of role-play.

"Mackenzie walked into the room and smiled."

-The above example certainly looks better to the eye. It is always important to capitalize and use correct spelling throughout your role-play. We do understand the occasional typo!


When it comes to role-play correct punctuation is a key factor. From commas, exclamation points, question marks, periods, etc. It is best not to overdo it with punctuation, especially commas; you want to try and use it properly.

Comma use with speech:

"How are you?" he asked.

"How are you?," he asked.

Which one is incorrect? The second one? Correct!



Bad Example - "Hello there" After is greeting the boy sat down on a chair

Good Example - "Hello there." After his greeting the boy sat down on a chair.

Bad Example - "Hi" she exclaimed

Good Example - "Hi!" she exclaimed.

Bad Example - "How are you" she asked

Good Example - "How are you?" she asked.

Remember to always use " " when your character is speaking.

Just like this, "Hello."

Is it making sense so far?

-No? Check over other people's role-play and go back over the above steps. If you need additional help admins and other members will be happy to help!

-Yes? Great! Let's continue on.


Complete words

Lots of people see the internet as a place to use text language, which are words like:


ur great



bai, etc. 

Text language can be understood in the chat box, but when you're roleplaying that is not what people want to read! It can cause confusion while it also is known to annoy some people. Text language is rarely used in role-play, but some and maybe you do so this step is for you!

Instead of your character saying,  

"Can u plz get me sum water?" 

Have your character say,  

"Can you please get me some water?"

Role-play looks a lot better and is easier to read when you avoid the use of text language. So remember to use complete words instead of taking the easy way out by using text language. You can use it in OOC chat(OOC=out of character), but please do not use it in role-play!



A lot of people like to include description in their posts, whether they're describing the scenery or their character it is something most people like to use.

However, you do not want to go overboard with descriptive words, especially ones that aren't known or understood by other members.

It is fine to look into the thesaurus for more descriptive words to replace simple ones, such as "transparent" instead of "clear", but do not pick out the longest, most confusing word. An easy way to tell if they are too advanced for the role-play is to ask yourself if someone would know the word before entering college. If not then it may be better to stick away from using it. rarely do people like to spend half their time looking up the words to understand the posts.

On the other hand, a lot of inexperienced role-players tend to describe their characters as,

"The prettiest girl in the house."


"The most handsome boy that all the ladies want."

Please refrain from using those such things in your posts. Such posts give the impression of you being needy and desperate for love. Everyone had a moment in the past when they did the same, but its better to not do that when looking for romance in your character's role-play. It is better to make a creative personality than make yourself appear desperate. Creating mini plots with other role-players can also help to create romantic potential.