Welcome to ShadowClan, we are the cats of the night. We live in marshy pines and love the dark.  Our leader Pumpkinstar is a daunting tom. Be cautious around that one, we don't think he's all there.. One snap and you might find yourself dead. 

What They Left Behind

Pressure is building in the heads of Shadowclanners, noses have started to run,  a cough can be heard throughout the camp. The smell-- Starclan, the smell.  What's going on? Isn't it a little warm for sickness?

Shadowclan Activity Contest

Want to prove you're the best Shadowclanner out there? You want to develop cool and interesting relationships? You want to get some sweet art? 

Tiger Festival

As an apology to the clan, a celebration planned by Pumpkinstar is being prepared. Join us on the May 12th  for a night of fun and intrigue!

OPEN for new clan born characters
 OPEN for rogues, loners and kittypets
 OPEN for other clan transfers

Private message Pumpkinstar to have your outsider join!


Tawnystar was stripped of her power by Pumpkinstar and others after her kidnapping of Thunderclan kits.


Pumpkinstar became leader of Shadowclan, selecting Crowpelt and Fallenfox as his deputy and medicine cat respectively.


Coalmask became the medicine cat of Shadowclan and Whitecreek the Medicine Cat Apprentice.


The Relics were presented to the four leaders of the clans.


Pumpkinstar pit his own clanmates against one another in combat to prove their worth.


Jaywhisker became the deputy of Shadowclan.


Shadowclan waged war on Windclan and battled over the Falls. When it seemed victory was close, Pumpkinstar was poisoned, and Windclan took the Falls as their own.

We are currently neutral with ThunderClan.

We are currently tense with RiverClan.

We are currently hostile with WindClan.


• Shadowclan has lost the battle with Windclan in a major way, leaving the clan hurt and furious.

• Pumpkinstar died a gruesome, grotesque death of poison in the battle. He doesn't seem the same.

• Jaywhisker has taken Rookpaw as his apprentice.

• Dog scent has been found on the border... but no dog. Remain vigilant.

• Sometimes the honey isn't always worth the sting. Or stings, plural, according to the collecting patrol

• Pumpkinstar sent Coalmask, Hawkshadow, and Redquill on a patrol to Thunderclan to get flowers of all things.

• Windclan should be avoided at all costs.

• A patrol has been sent out to Riverclan in search of shells.



"You're no better than him or the rest of us. Don't turn your back on us so easily." - Aspenstrike

Rosevine & Frostheart

• "Blackfang's back! Isn't that grea--oh, ugh, it's Blackfang we're talking about..."

• "You know... now that we mention Blackfang... Tigerbelly seems really happy he's back... You don't think..."

• "I heard Rosevine and Frostheart are serious now!"

• "Bleugh, I feel really weird... The water tastes so bad..."

• "Was that a kit I saw being carried in the medicine cat den? I've never seen that little one before."

• "Windclan are all snakes and cheats! They're worth nothin', nothin' at all! Cheap, dirty tricksters..."

• "Huh, Thunderclan borders seem firm again. Wonder what happened."


Bryniel - Warror Cats Roleplay