Welcome to ThunderClan, we are the cats of the open forest. We live deep within the woodland and cherish our land dearly. Our leader Applestar is noble and brave. Our utmost faith is with him and the future of our clan.

Old eyes bring new tears.

A mysterious pack of former Thunderclanners have arisen, threatening the peaceful life of the clan. Will they attack? What are they planning..? Stick around to find out!

OPEN for new clan born characters
OPEN for rogues, loners and kittypets
OPEN for  other clan  transfers

Private message Applestar to have your outsiders join!
January 22nd 2018

The Fire and Tawnystar stole kittens from ThunderClan and took Nightstar to The Fire's base. Where they then mauled the kittens to death and let Nightstar go with a warning. On January 22nd, Nightstar, Floodstar and Pumpkinclaw planned an execution in secret for Tawnystar, however this backfired.. During the execution Nightstar was slaughtered. With his deputy missing, StarClan chose Applestar as the new leader.

March 10th 2018

Applestar was the first ThunderClan leader to recieve the ancient ThunderClan relic.

We are currently neutral with RiverClan.

We are currently wary and  hostile towards ShadowClan.

We are currently neutral with WindClan.


• The Rogues have been taken care of! But new problems arise from the ashes involving Shadowclan

• Stale scents from the rogues, nothing else has been found..yet..

• Tensions continue to rise with Shadowclan and now Windclan is part of the mix..

Bearpaw (Howl)

"If we let them take over, that’s it" - Palefawn

Cougarbite & Applestar

• "So Cougarbite loves Applestar? Totally called it, Coppermaw owes me an extra mouse!"

•"Yeah, but have you seen how Dipper looks at our leader too? The Deputy caught those feelings as well!"

•"Applestar hasn't been himself since those Rogues.. He's just looks so tired all the time. I hope he's not pushing himself too hard.."

•" Apparently some Rogues terrorized some apprentices! The nerve of those bullies!"

• "Cooingdove and Lakepaw have been rather..stiff around each other lately.. I wonder why.."

• "Pumpkinstar was talking with Cooingdove? What does she know that we don't? Why is he talking to her and not me in private? I can keep secrets too!""

•" I caught a wiff of Barepelt the other day, they smell like Windclan..Maybe that's why they're always out hunting? Just to get over to Windclan? Ugh- talk about loyalty problems.."