Ears Signals

Pointed slightly to the side and slightly forward - Relaxed
Straight up and forward - Alert / Interest
Twitching - Nervous / Agitated
Flattened - Fearful / Angry / Attack Mode
Different positions - Unsure how to respond / Assessing situation

Tail Signals

Tail Held Erect - Stop.
Tail Rippling - Move forward, with care.
Tail Held Erect and Sweeping from side to side - Retreat Silently.
Tail Pointing Low, Parallel to ground, and sweeping - Spread Out.
Tail Bobbing - Enemy Sighted.
Tail Hooked - Danger.
Tail Pointed - Go That Way.
Tail held Erect and waving from side to side - Stay Behind Me.
Tail Kinked over Back - Follow Me.

Warrior Terms

Cutter: A veterinarian, specifically, though not always, referring to one that spays or neuters cats.
Dark Forest: An evil cat who has died, they do not go to StarClan, but to the Dark Forest.
Dirt: Feces.
Fresh-Kill: Recently killed prey.
Gatherings: A meeting that the Clans hold together in peace every full moon.
Greencough: A severe chest infection that can be fatal to elders and young kits.
Greenleaf Twolegplace: A place where twolegs live, but only in the summer.
Halfbridge: A dock/pier.
Horseplace: Stables where horses are kept
Housefolk: A kittypet's name for its human.
Monster: Usually refers to twoleg machines, such as cars and bulldozers.
Nofurs: Another name for twolegs.
Sharing Tongues: A term used to describe cats grooming each other.
Silverpelt: The Milky Way Galaxy.
Silverthorn: Barbed wire.
Smooth boulder-thing: Twoleg ball.
Snowmelt: A term used to describe slush or dirty, melted snow
Soft boulder: A pillow or cushion.
Thunderpath: A road.
Tree-Eater: Bulldozer.
Twoleg Nest: A twoleg house.
Twoleg kit: A human child.
A human town/city.
Twolegs: The Clans' name for humans.
Upwalkers: Another name for Twolegs.
Whitecough: A mild chest infection.

Insults, Exclamations  & Phrases

As easy as swallowing a minnow - A phrase used to indicate easiness of the task.
As much use as a dead fox - A (harsh) insult, meaning the recipient is useless.
Bees in your brain - An exclamation meaning confusion or a cat not making sense.
Crowfood - A (harsh) insult comparing the recipient to rotting prey animals.
You're crazier than a fox in a fit! - An insult used when a cat (or cats) are acting crazy.
Doormouse - An expression or exclamation used against a cat who sleeps a lot.
Drypaw - A cat that dislikes getting wet, usually used in RiverClan.
Dungface- An (harsh) insult.
Like LionClan/TigerClan - An expression stating that a cat does something very fiercely or well.
Flea-brain - A (friendly, yet harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
Fishface, fishfur or fish-breath - An insult used against RiverClan warriors.
Fox-dung - A (harsh) insult comparing the recipient to fox feces. Also used as an exclamation.
Fox-hearted - An insult meaning cruel, cold-hearted, or evil.
Furball - A (friendly, yet harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
Fuzz-brain - A (friendly, but harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
Great StarClan! - An exclamation used to signify extreme surprise or anger.
How in Silverpelt? - An exclamation used meaning "How in the world?"
Make dirt - To use the bathroom, or the dirtplace in warrior terms.
May StarClan light your path - A friendly term used to tell others they wish them well.
May the Sun warm your back and the fish leap into your paws- A blessing used in RiverClan used to wish good dreams or, in some instances, to say farewell to a dead cat.
May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when you sleep- An ancient farewell used by all the Clans, to say goodbye to loved ones on their way to StarClan.
Minnow-brain - An insult that is friendly but harsh. A RiverClan version of mouse-brain.
Mouse-brain - A (friendly yet harsh) insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
Mouse-dung - A (somewhat harsh) insult comparing the recipient to mouse feces.
Mouse-hearted - An insult that describes one who is cowardly.
Mousefodder - An insult describing that the cat is worthless or a kittypet.
Once a kittypet, always a kittypet! - A harsh phrase used to describe a cat with kittypet roots.
(Only) StarClan knows (what) - Sometimes used to answer a question that is impossible to answer. 
Pain in the tail - An insult meaning a cat is irritating or lazy.
Scaredy-mouse! - A similar expression to scaredy-cat, but in cat terms.
Snake-hearted - Similar to the term "fox-hearted," generally used by RiverClan.
Sorry catches no prey - Means cats can be sorry, but that will not change the past. 
Tabbies don't change their stripes - Means that a cat doesn't change their nature.
What in StarClan's name?- A exclamation similar to "What on earth?"
Thundercat - Used to describe a ThunderClan cat.
You fight/hunt like a kittypet! - An expression used to insult or tease a cat who fights/hunts poorly.
Rabbit-chasers - A less harsh insult used to describe WindClan.
Who ruffled their fur?- A similar way of saying "who got under their skin?"


Fox-length - About the length of a fox; approximately a yard.
Kittenstep or kitstep - About the length of kit's step; approximately an inch or a half inch.
Tail-length - About the length of a cat's tail; approximately a foot.
Rabbit hop or rabbit length - About a foot and a half away.
Mouse-length - About two or three inches.
Pawstep - About the length of a grown cat's step, roughly six inches.
Tree-length - About the length of a tree; around 40 to 50 feet.

Seasons and Times

Leaf-bare - The season of winter
Greenleaf - The season of summer

Leaf-fall - The season of autumn
Newleaf - The season of spring
Claw-moon - When the moon resembles the shape of an unsheathed claw, equivalent to crescent moon
Sunup - Dawn
- Half a month.
Heartbeat - A split second
Moon - A month
Moonhigh - Midnight (when the moon is the highest)

Quarter-moon - A week
Season - A quarter of a year in cat time. Four seasons equal a year
Sundown - Dusk
Sunhigh - Noon (when the sun is the highest)


Leader - The cat who leads the clan.
Deputy - The cat who is second-in-command and follows the leader's orders.
Medicine Cat - A cat who is trained specifically for healing and medicine.
Warrior - A cat trained to defend, hunt for, and fight for their clan.
Queen - A she-cat expecting or nursing kits.
Apprentice - A cat who is in training to become a warrior or medicine cat, the apprentice must be 6 moons old to begin training.
Kit - A cat 6 moons old and less. A kitten.
Elder - A retired warrior, medicine cat, or leader.
Kittypet - A house cat; the term can also be used as an insult.
Loner - A cat who is neither owned by humans or part of a Clan.
Rogue - Another term for loner; some cats find it offensive.