"Thunderclan has been taken for granted for too long. We've been seen as non-threatening by our very rivals, but this has to come to a point of change. The tables have to turn, and nolonger shall we look to a future somebody to do it for us, because those times are here. We will be the anarchists to our own stereotype, we will be the breaker of our own rules. We have been tested to our limits, but in these trying times, we must realize that sometimes strength lies in the peaceful way. Thunderclan has been mistaken to be weak, but what our foes fail to realize is that our strength comes from the peace we hold dear. " 

Applestar on ThunderClan

Date of Leadership


March 10th 2018

Applestar was the first ThunderClan leader to recieve the ancient relic that were lost in the fire from decades go.

Past Names

Applekit, Applepaw, Applenose


Barktuft (father), Petuniasong (mother Crush / Mate

None Lives Remaining

Has lost none.


Raised with good morals from the start, Applestar is a heavy believer in kindness, and the ability to solve problems with words. Mostly known throughout the clan as a mediator, a problem-solver, Applestar often strikes up conversations in an effort to make someone's day all the better, if even for a short while. Though constantly trying to be the uplifter in other's lives, the tortoiseshell himself is often riddled with anxiety, constantly second-guessing himself on whether or not he's leading the way he's supposed to, or the like. But in true Applestar fashion, the tom finds a way to stay positive, and a way to pass that on to his clanmates. He stands for a peaceful clan life, and has never once underestimated the power of kindess and spoken word, but will never hesitate to leap to protect Thunderclan's pride, by claws or by tongue. Applestar mostly keeps to himself, though, keeping conversations to usual minimal small talk, keeping a part of himself hidden from all, excuse for his close friends. Applestar is still new to leadership, but he is determined to prove that Thunderclan is no longer the ruins that they had been before, and he will not take a 'no' for an answer when it comes to respect for his clan by others.

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Theme Song


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ThunderClan is currently neutral with RiverClan.

We currently have no issues with ThunderClan, so long as they continue to respect us and put their
hatred on ShadowClan we remain very neutral with them Riverclan has never been a threat to us - the two of us clans have been so concerned with other threats that we've had little time to go for each other, and as long as it stays that way, we have no reason to be concerned. .

ThunderClan is currently hostile with ShadowClan.

Our former leader died by their former leader's paws, and though Tawnystar may be out of commission, Shadowclan has never been a trustworthy clan, and Thunderclan will not tolerate any sort of things that

ThunderClan is currently neutral with WindClan.

Windclan has never done anything to make us dislike them, so in our eyes, for now, they deserve some peace, and time to rebuild from the things that have torn them to dust twice over. They deserve our kindness and our prayers, for only Starclan may save them from the criticism and suspicion to come.

ThunderClan is currently wary with Clanless.

The rogues and loners have always thought that the forest is theirs to take, and have never been very good news for Thunderclan. While we have no interest in physically harming one if they wander into the territory, we have no interest in letting them past our borders unless they have an interest in joining our ranks.

Thunderclan is currently open for alliances - based on trustworthiness and the ability to be a strong partner in battle.

When it comes to outsiders,  Applestar does not tolerate prey thieves or moochers, but that is not the only reason to be distrustful of outsiders. Rogues have caused Thunderclan problems before - most notably the death of their past leader, and that has not yet been forgotten. Rogues and Loners will be rigorously questioned at borders if caught, and will only be let past the scent markers if they show true and passionate interest in joining Thunderclan.

When it comes to forbidden relationships, The young leader has never fallen for anyone, and has never experienced love, but understands that it can be one of the most powerful emotions a cat can feel, but if a feline is sneaking out every night to visit said lover, it leaves them useless to their clan in the morning when they are tired and sleep-deprived. Though reluctant, Applestar respects a cat moving clans just to be with a loved one, because everyone deserves to be where they will feel most happy and secure.

When it comes to the Warrior Code, As kits, everyone is raised to defend the code, even at the cost of your life. Applestar agrees with the rules the Code has in place, and will not question them even in circumstances where they most certainly should be, but has never, a
Traitors: The thought of traitors is a sight to make anyone angry, and Applestar is no exception. Though a believer in kindness, traitors get no respect. They have gone out of their way to disobey the code; and disrespect their clan. Killing is a line that the Thunderclan leader would never cross; but banishment is definite when a warrior once thought loyal turns out to be a traitor.

When it comes to traitors, Floodstar's blood boils at the thought of traitors. She has the utmost respect for her clan, for it's beauty and grace. She believes every warrior of RiverClan must pledge full allegiance to the clan, dying for it if they must. A traitor is the worst you could be to Floodstar. Depending on the severity, Floodstar isn't afraid to kill traitors. Most often then not she will allow the traitor to leave the clan, should they have done something unspeakable, public death or shame will await them.

When it comes to trespassing, 

Tresspassers have never been tolerated. Among them there are thieves, liars, and killers. Cats who trespass upon Thunderclan territory are to be questioned, before politely asked to leave. If they refuse, forceful measures must be taken, but nothing too extreme. Thunderclanners are also not to trespass on a rivalling clans territory, and will be punished lightly if so.