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" ooh, I'm a rebel just for kicks, yeah. i've been feeling it since 1966, yeah.

you might of had your fill, but I can feel it still" 

- charlie, bisexual teen from australia. don't be afraid to talk, I'd love to be your friend <3 <3 -


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Reply - c h a r l i e -
4:33 AM on February 23, 2018 
crowstorm & coconutpaw -

No, no no - this couldn't be happening! Coconutpaw had promised himself that the day would go right after his accident, that he would gain control of his anxiety and wouldn't mess anything up. Anything apparently meant he could still piss off the most temperamental cat in the clan. And he was the scariest deputy to ever exist!
He began a sudden retreat as Crowstorm's threat began, and as those dreadful words settled beneath Coconutpaw's fur and punched at his heart, he felt his eyes well up with sudden tears. They were threatening to spill, they would spill, and Crowstorm wasn't stopping. Was just coming closer, and closer, and closer...
"No, Mr. Crowstorm, sir, no! Please don't... I just mean... you smelt! And- and I wanted to help, and I actually have had a bad day!" he whimpered, his eyes blinking rapidly. His argument was useless, he knew. Stammering, simpering, whining... it would get him no where here. But he just couldn't stop!

"I swear, Mr. Crowstorm, your fur looks fine! It- it's just the smell!" he lied hastily. "I bet.. I- uh, bet it's like helping your... uh, pores! Yes sir!" He didn't have the heart to laugh - not when he could feel Crowstorm's eyes stabbing daggers into his heart. The little tom squirmed, ducking his head and hating the eye contact. "Sir, I don't think, you want to know. No, Mr. Crowstorm, I don't think you really want to know how horrible it was or how I feel -" he halted, gasping for air before continuing. "Well, sir, I don't want to lie! Coconutpaw doesn't lie. Mr. Crowstorm, it was forgettable... well, until you actually... did the horrible thing by being so - so mean!" he blurted. Oh, Starclan - I didn't just say that, did I? But he had. It was out, and he suddenly shrank back in horror. Oh, now Crowstorm would bite off his tongue! He would yell, and then do horrible things! And give him elders duties! The tom quivered in sudden fear.