The OOC boxes are the first chatboxes in every clan page, you'll find them in "ThunderClan" "ShadowClan" "RiverClan" and "WindClan".

** ThunderClan and WindClan share an OOC chatbox as well as RiverClan and ShadowClan. **

Where the red box is, is where you set the display name you want. Where the purple box is you can either set an icon for your name or insert the link to your bryniel profile. To set an icon you will need the direct link to the image you want as an icon. Click here if you're unsure what a direct link is. If you're still unable to set an icon, ask for help! Roleplayers in the chatbox are always willing to help.


The roleplay boxes are a bit more confusing than the ooc boxes. Let's use RiverClan's again as an example, a roleplay box looks like this.

You have the choice to either sign up for the box or use it as a guest. Please note that these boxes aren't perfect and if you roleplay as a guest, please refresh the page periodically as the boxes don't always refresh new posts on their own. This is also the case if you sign up for the box, it's less likely but still happens so make sure to refresh your page often to check for new posts!

If you want to use the box as a guest, simply put in your display name you want where it says Name.

If you want to sign up, click options and you will be taken to a page that looks like this. Click Sign Up and then you'll be taken to a pop up page that looks like this. The red box shows where you set your username, it can be whatever you want but most people make it the name of their main character. The blue box show where you set your password. The green box is where you put your email, it must be a valid email because you will to go into your email and approve the account. The purple box is where you (optionally) can put the link to your bryniel profile, so when you post in the box your name will take people to your profile, this step isn't required though.

From there you officially have registered for the roleplay box. Please note, unfortunately if you register for one box it doesn't mean you're registered on them all. You have to repeat this process for every box.

If you'd like to set an icon for the roleplay boxes there's a guide on how to do so, click here for that.

press crlt + f to search for key words

Please read our FAQ

Welcome to Bryniel! We're happy to have you here.

Bryniel is a Warrior Cats roleplay open to all to use. We are a friendly site that loves new members. If you're looking for an active, fun and large roleplay site Bryniel is perfect for you.

Bryniel offers two different styles of roleplay areas! We have chatboxes as well as forums! 

Our forums roleplay is hosted off-site on proboards and to get there you can click 'Forums Roleplay' on the top bar. We host our forums off-site to give members the best forums experience possible. Our forums roleplay does require you to sign up for them in order to use them. 

Our chatbox roleplay is found on the clan pages, on the top you'll see "ThunderClan", "RiverClan", etc. If you click these pages and scroll down a bit you'll notice three boxes with banners on top of each. One for "Clan Camp" one for "The Territory" and one for "The Borders", this is where you can find our chatbox roleplay.

Do I have to sign up for Bryniel?
You don't! Nothing on Bryniel requires a sign up. All sign ups are optional. If you wish to use our forums instead of our chatboxes to roleplay you will need to register for those. The actual roleplay boxes you can either use as a guest or register for them (please read UNDERSTANDING THE ROLEPLAY BOXES on the sidebar for further information on them).

What do I do if I see somebody breaking a rule?

If you see someone breaking a rule, you should contact an owner immediately.  You must have proof, the only proof accepted are printscreens. If you aren't sure how to take a screenshot, try googling "how do I take a screenshot with the name of your computer.

How do I join a Clan?

You can create a character who was born in and raised in any Clan at any time. You don't need to ask permission to do this. You do not need to submit an application before joining, you can start roleplayig as soon as your character is made.

If your character is a kittypet, loner, rogue or from another clan, you must talk to the clan leader about having them join. Make sure to be clear about what your character's reason for joining would be, and give the leader whatever information they ask for. Please make sure the clan you want your outsider to join is currently open for outsiders. You can find out by clicking on the information page for that clan.

How do I become a high rank?

Can you give me any roleplay tips?

The first thing you should think about when roleplaying is grammar. If your post have good basic grammar, it will make them seem neater and make you a better roleplayer overall. Basic grammar includes proper capitalization, punctuation, proper use of words.We roleplay in third person here, as first person and second person can make roleplay a bit confusing. Please keep that in mind while you are roleplaying.

Roleplaying with medium sized posts is usually best. A good post includes what your character is doing, their thoughts, a little of what is going on in their surroundings and perhaps their appearance if it is an entry post.

When roleplaying, please be polite. Do not rush your partner, or force them to post first if they are busy. Only post once before letting your partner reply. If you are roleplaying with more than one person, create a post order and wait for your turn to post.

Most importantly, roleplay your character as realistically as possible. If they have a physical disability, such as having a bad leg, being deaf in one ear or being blind. If your character is badly behaved/ill-mannered and act out constantly, they will be in danger of being exiled if they are in a Clan. If your character breaks a rule or does something unspeakable, they can be exiled whether you like it or not.

Bryniel does have a roleplay guide, click here to see it.


Any further questions about Bryniel can be PMed to a staff member!