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Bryniel is closing, for good. Bryniel is not worth saving.

This is an easy decision on behalf of the staff and ranks. For the most part the similar views were shared about this. You might wonder why, here are the reasons.

The Community.
** Not everyone is included in this, some of you out there are great people **

For the most part the Warriors community on these webs sites and alike are toxic. A lot of people on them are fake. They act nice to your face and behind your back the things they say about you are the complete opposite. It's all about power to most people, nobody cares about each other, they care about the power and being a high rank, yet they don't put the time and effort into actually earning one, then complain when they don't get one. People expect things to be handed to them, as the generations go on the people become more and more spoiled and expect everything. People can't handle the truth anymore, people can't handle being told no and they certainly can't handle having their bullshit called out. People treat the ranks like shit, expecting them to be on 24/7, respond to roleplays ASAP. If they don't? The rumors start up, the backstabbing starts up, suddenly they're a 'bad' rank because they have a life. People start drama over the most petty things, people flag people simply because they don't like them, they stab their friends in the back for a chance at power. Mental health is also an issue on Bryniel, for multiple reasons. Some people don't realize, while a lot do, that Bryniel turns their mental health to shit. Some of us get away from Bryniel because of it, while others stay and continue to let their mental health go to shit. A lot of people tend to use Bryniel like its meant to be a site for therapy, a place to escape and/or help with their mental health, but can any of you honestly say it's helping you? Really think about that. Bryniel is a blown up popularity contest, there's no way this site can be helping anyones mental health.

The roleplay.

We tried so hard to get members involved in plots and the like, yet plots would fail over and over, they'd be cancelled for lack of participation. People would preach in the boxes they want plots and would be involved but when it came time to doing them, they wouldn't roleplay in them. Certain reasons were because it was overwhelming, they were too anxious, etc. Then what is the point of having a site if most of the community is too anxious to roleplay? What's the point of being on Bryniel if you're not going to join in on the fun? Bryniel was created for the reason of having community plots, yet its treated like a social site.

Reasons that didn't contribute to the choice.

A lot of people like to say Bryniel is  dead, it's not. Bryniel lost a lot of members because a lot of us are seeing through these communities and how fake they are. Warriors communities in general are dying and moving to better places, people are starting to understand that tight knit communities with friends is what's worth it. These big sites are a breeding grounds for drama, lies, backstabbing and the like. Bryniel was still very much active, we had over 40 members on a day throughout all the clans. Eventually Bryniel would have died on its own because of the way the community was growing. People like to blame the staff or the high ranks for helping to kill Bryniel, but the facts remain that neither the staff or ranks would have to show their 'bad sides' if the members just behaved and didn't act like spoiled kids **Not everyone does that, a lot of you don't, but also a lot of you do**. People don't realize it, but logs and screenshots are spread fast. We, the staff, see what you say about us, bryniel members, your 'friends', we know how fake a lot of you are and it's for those reasons this site won't continue. None of us can continue this site while knowing everything discussed in this.

What next?

Bryniel will be closed. The high ranks will be moving to a new site to roleplay together and have fun. A tight knit community, a safe one where people don't have to be afraid of being judged, where there won't be drama. It's with a heavy heart that we decide to close Bryniel, but we've all come to realize we're in this for friendships, for fun and roleplay which Bryniel doesn't have to offer. Bryniel offers mostly fake friendships, drama every day which drains the fun out of it. This site will be an invite to join site, we will be allowing people from Bryniel to continue on this new site and bring their characters and history there. The new site will serve as a place where Bryniels history, everything roleplay related to Bryniel will exist there. In order to request to join you will have to fill out the application at the bottom. We hate to have to do request to join, but given how Bryniel has turned out we feel it's best to keep out the people that made Bryniel into a bad community. It will be a quiet, small site, so for those accepted onto the new one please don't expect anything near Bryniel's activity levels but we can promise a safe, fun roleplay. Please only request to join if you have intentions of roleplaying and being there for the right reasons.

** Roleplayers with characters in plots and site exclusive families such as the founders are auto-approved, you still must pm/note the appropriate place to let us know if you want to continue with the plot/family or not. If we don't hear from you we will assume you don't **

Application for new site

You can either private message your application to Bryniel Staff or note it to Bryniel-RP

1.) Who did you go by in the OOC boxes?
2.) Who were your characters on Bryniel?
3) What is your Bryniel profile link? 
4.) Do you intend to roleplay on this site?

We do encourage people who helped contribute positive vibes on Bryniel to apply for the new site, all plots and such will be picked up on there. 

Here are alternative options for roleplaying if you don't get approved.

Click here
Click here.