Like the tides we are ever changing, like the river we are strong and like the sea we are mysterious. With fangs and claws we will fight to defend our place. Formidable and stubborn we rise like the waves. Our resilience is unquestionable. Shadows, wind and thunder cannot stand against the force of water, for water can take down anything in its path. Like the force and beauty of water, we are graceful and powerful. Pride and bravery run through our bones and we will stand united to overcome any obstacle. RiverClan is strength and grace, like the river we adapt.

Floodstar on RiverClan

January 4th 2017

Floodstar was appointed as RiverClan leader after the death of Tidalstar whom was slaughtered in a raid led by ShadowClan & The Fire.

March 21st 2017

Floodstar led a raid to ShadowClan where she killed Wildstar as revenge for the death of Tidalstar and the raid led against her clan. In this fight she lost her first life and suffered her first scar; a torn ear. Her other wounds healed with no scarring.

June 2017

Floodstar sacrificed herself to The Fire in order for them to leave RiverClan alone. For the next 5 months she was held captive at their base.

December 20th 2017

Floodstar escaped captivity and returned to RiverClan where she reclaimed her leadership.

March 10th 2018

Floodstar was the first RiverClan leader to recieve the ancient relic that were lost in the fire from decades go.

Past Names

Floodkit, Floodpaw, Floodstone


Sleetstorm (Father) Shorelight (Mother) Rainthorn (Brother) Otternose (Sister) Slatestrike (Brother)

Crush / Mate


Lives Remaining

She lost her first life to Wildstar during his slaughter and the attack on ShadowClan.


A riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Floodstar can't be pinned down to any traits. She's like the river, flowing in whatever direction. Floodstar stands for unity within her clan, she believes in Riverclan's utmost strength and fights for their stature to be respected. Floodstar has a short fuse and a blunt tongue. She believes in innocent until proven guilty and has a strong sense for justice. Her code is blood for blood. Calm natured and loyal at heart, if her power or clan is threatened Floodsar will reveal a more primal, vicious side of her. She's protective of what is hers and settles for nothing less than what she and her clan deserves.

Voice Reference

Natalie Dormer

Theme Song

My Way

- Floodstar killed Wildstar (April 2017), past leader of ShadowClan, to avenge the attack ShadowClan & The Fire sent on RiverClan (January 2017).

- Floodstar is very traditional and lives by the lessons her parents taught her while growing up.

- Floodstar surrendered herself to The Fire in June 2017 in trade for them leaving RiverClan alone. She escaped in December 2017, returning home where she reclaimed her leadership.

RiverClan is currently neutral with ThunderClan.

We currently have no issues with ThunderClan, so long as they continue to respect us and put their
hatred on ShadowClan we remain very neutral with them.

RiverClan is currently hostile with ShadowClan.

ShadowClan has been the result of many vicious raids on RiverClan. ShadowClan has caused chaos and destruction within their clans, their dictatorship must stop. Any ShadowClanner caught trespassing is to be chased off, as a last resort a RiverClanner may kill a ShadowClanner if the trespasser won't leave.

RiverClan is
currently neutral but wary with WindClan.

Not much is known about WindClan and their return. What are their motives? What do they plan to do? RiverClanners should be cautious around them, not trusting but also not mean. We will show grace and respect until they give us a reason not to.

RiverClan is
currently hostile with Clanless.

Clanless or army cats have proven to be a huge risk to RiverClan's safety. All clanless joiners are to be thoroughly questioned and monitored

RiverClan is currently open for alliances, pending how they benefit RiverClan.

When it comes to outsiders, Floodstar is very wary of them. Outsiders have been the root cause for many issues RiverClan has faced. Her primary focus is the success of her clan and it would take something big to get Floodstar to put her clans safety at risk for outsiders. She doesn't trust them and has a strong belief that in the end, instincts are the winner, outsiders will always look out for themselves. Trusting them is too risky for her clan.

When it comes to forbidden relationships, Floodstar has mixed views. She herself has forbidden love and although duties come first, she understands and sympathizes with forbidden romance. Needless to say RiverClan must come first. Floodstar is very against RiverClanners leaving their home for love, she sees this as a sign of weakness and what a traitor would do. She's fine with medicine cats having mates, so long as their duties always come first. Forbidden romance is fine so long as love never gets in the way, so long as RiverClan is put before love.

When it comes to the Warrior Code, Floodstar is neutral. Although she was brought up to respect codes, to act regally and be honorable.. The world is cruel and Floodstar has been learning to adapt to that. She doesn't believe that codes can save the clans while clans like ShadowClan ignore them, or while The Fire ridicules the code and forces viciousness from the clans. She believes if everyone followed the code, there could be peace and that the clans would be in a better, safer place. However, she isn't naive and knows the likelihood is very slim. Times have changed since their ancestors that made the Warrior Code ruled the clans, codes and expectations have to change with the times in her opinion. 

When it comes to traitors, Floodstar's blood boils at the thought of traitors. She has the utmost respect for her clan, for it's beauty and grace. She believes every warrior of RiverClan must pledge full allegiance to the clan, dying for it if they must. A traitor is the worst you could be to Floodstar. Depending on the severity, Floodstar isn't afraid to kill traitors. Most often then not she will allow the traitor to leave the clan, should they have done something unspeakable, public death or shame will await them.

When it comes to trespassing, Floodstar has no respect for trespassers. Trespassers should be asked their reason for trespassing before being chased off. If the trespasser refuses to leave after being asked to, death is an option, but only as a last resort. RiverClanners caught trespassing on other clans will be severely punished,