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January 4th 2017

Floodstar was appointed as RiverClan leader after the death of Tidalstar whom was slaughtered in a raid led by ShadowClan & The Fire.

March 21st 2017

Floodstar led a raid to ShadowClan where she killed Wildstar as revenge for the death of Tidalstar and the raid led against her clan. In this fight she lost her first life and suffered her first scar; a torn ear. Her other wounds healed with no scarring.


Past clan names • Floodkit, Floodpaw, Floodstone

Personality traits  • Prideful, stubborn, easily upset, cunning

Loyalties • RiverClan
Date of leadership • January 4th 2017

Mother • Shorelight
Father • Sleetstorm
Sister • Otternose
Brothers • Rainthorn,  Slatestrike
Offspring • None

Crush • None
Mate • None
Past mates • None

Health • No current health issues
Scars • Torn ear
Injuries • None
Physical build • Very tall but thin
Breed appearance • Calico snowshoe mix

Theme song • Yellow Flicker Beat
Voice reference • Nina Dobrev

- Floodstar killed Wildstar (April 2017), past leader of ShadowClan, to avenge the attack ShadowClan sent on RiverClan (January 2017).
- Floodstar is very traditional and lives by the lessons her parents taught her while growing up.

Floodstar's thoughts on other clans

  • ThunderClan -- "They're okay, I don't understand how they can stay so calm. Peace is the dream but how they actually maintain it.. I don't know. Through chaos and hardship they're always so full of hope, it's aspiring but sometimes I wonder if ThunderClan just has their head in the clouds. The world is not as beautiful and happy as they make it seem."

  • ShadowClan -- "Awful vile creatures. They have no place in the forest, what are ShadowClanners good for anyways? They're greedy, arrogant little pricks. ShadowClan serves no purpose to any of us.. It's about time StarClan realizes that. "

  • WindClan -- "What they lack in physical strength they make up for in logic. I enjoy Oakstar's company and I think our clans have a great thing going. Our alliance is as strong as they get, we bring the brawn and they bring the brain. Together Oakstar and I are unstoppable."