Forums Guide

Bryniel forums are hosted off-site and are hosted on proboards. We host them off-site due to our site hoster not having proper functioning forums.

The off-site forums will require you to register for them, please keep in mind that the forums are not connected to and so your login information from here won't work there.

How to Navigate / Roleplay

The forums are fairly simple to navigate, each clan has an area for their camp and territories as well as archives, where abandoned or finished roleplays are stored. For example, if you wish to roleplay in ThunderClan Camp you'll go under the header "ThunderClan" and then click "ThunderClan Camp". From there you will click "Create a Thread" and you can begin constructing your post and the title of the roleplay.

Mini Profiles

Mini profiles are the little profile attached to all of your posts on the forums. To customize them you must click "Profile" at the top of the site. From there you will click "Edit Profile" next to "Send Message". Once you have done this you will then click "Personal". From there scroll down a bit until you see "Alias". Fill in everything from "Alias" to "Character Sexual Orientation" and that is how you properly fill in your mini profile. The 190 x 128 and 70 x 190 are areas for pictures with those dimensions long (in pixels). The "Large Image" option is the big picture on tab one of your mini profile.


If you have any further questions please direct them to a staff member or reach out to other members on the help center on our discord.