Members Area

Welcome to the Fourstones, an area where the clan cats gather monthly to share news as well as meet up with one another during non-gathering days to socialize. At any given time any clans can cross borders to travel to the Fourstones, it is neutral ground. The Fourstones is located in the heart of the territory, surrounded by a tall cliff and lush waterfalls. For tall stones line the bottom of the cliff, one stone for each leader to sit on, called the Great Rocks.

                                     The Fourstones are found within the rocky hollow, surrounded by lush trees and streams. 
The Clan leaders [ Nightstar, Pumpkinstar, --- ] perch on individual rocks. 

At the base the deputies [ Topazblaze, Crowpelt, --- ], medicine cats [ Birchwhisker, Fallenfox, Mushroombelly ] and medicine cat apprentices [ ---, ---, Palepaw ] can be found, unless their leader can't make the gathering and one must represent their clan.

Only High Ranks may post/roleplay below! 

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