General Rules

1.) You must be at least 13 years old to participate in this roleplay.
2.) We are a literate roleplay, so you must be able to paragraph roleplay.
3.) You must maintain activity in order for your character to not be killed off. If you fail to participate in trials, your character will die. Please don't apply if you don't have the time for this roleplay.
4.) Any need for time off or hiatus must be run through the staff.
5.) Power-playing / being over-powered will have a three strike policy, on your third strike you will be killed off. This roleplay is meant to be challenging on your character.
6.) Anyone creating drama or negativity within the community will be removed and killed off. 
7.) You must have discord.
8.) Warrior Cats terminology is not allowed (example : moons are called months)
9.) Once your Spirit Group is picked, it cannot be changed.


Character Creation / Application

1.) Your character must have drawn, transparent art for their application. Linearts are accepted. No stealing artwork.
2.) Characters cannot be a Mary/Gary Sue character and should be well balanced.
3.) Your character must be a North American domestic breed. We allow any of those, but keep in mind a breed such as a munchkin would not fair well in these trials.
4.) Character fur and eyes must be a natural color.
5.) Characters name must be a noun.
6.) Put time and thought into your character, make sure you genuinely like this character and have the motivation for them.
7.) Characters can be no younger than six months and no older than nine years to participate in the trials.
8.) You cannot completely fill one stat line on your application, a character cannot be perfect at a single stat.

What is allowed......
- Accessories 
- Disabilities
- Unique feline traits (miss-matched eyes, curled ears, extra toes, etc)