As of March 10th 2018, relics have become Bryniel's first traditions. Relics are worn accessories that the leaders wear on special occasions. These relics were passed down by the four leaders that passed away in the fire those many decades ago. Before they faded completely from StarClan they gifted the leaders their clans relic that were worn by all the leaders decades ago. It is now tradition for each leader to pass their relic down to their successor.

General Site History

Much has happened on Bryniel since it's opening, this history is just a general briefing of past events that really shaped Bryniel's future. To see individual clan histories please check out the clan pages, on the sidebar you will see a Timeline. Clan timeline's reset on the new year of every year and contain big events that clan has had that year.

The history is split up into various eras.
You do not need to know the history to use Bryniel, this page is here for those that would like to indulge a bit into our history.

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The Death Wave

Backstory of the site prior to roleplay opening
Known as the death wave because the clans were wiped out during this era.

Decades ago four daunting clans ruled the forest. These clans were cocky, with harsh leaders that felt as though their paws could move the forest; that they were StarClan's greatest gift. One day a wildfire struck, scorching the forest. The  blaze ripped through the forest, burning trees and homes to ashes, destroying its inhabitants. For decades the land was silent but the charred forest grew life, blossoming new vegetation to the land.


Between 2013 and 2014
Known as the resurrection era for the fact the clans were reborn during this era. 

Decades later four daunting felines, descendants of the fallen warriors of the fire sought out to bring back what their ancestors had lost. Sandystar blessed the lands of thick forestry, bringing her bravery and wisdom. Swirledstar graced the rivers and sea, bringing her strength and determination. Roanstar stormed through the shadowed pines, bringing her fierce pride and fearless courage. Skystar enriched the moorlands, bringing his wits and loyalty.

The Fire was born during this era, a vicious group of rogue cats that formed an army against the clans. Their one goal being to destroy the clans and claim their territory. Many battles were led against The Fire, some won and some lost. Eventually The Fire was driven out (only to return in the future).

From here the clans thrived, the forest was calm and the clans lived peacefully.. Until the day the twolegs came. The twolegs began ripping the forest to shreds, building land over the clans territories, until there was almost nothing left. The clans made the decision to move to the mountains, away from the destruction the twolegs caused. This was known as the Great Move.

The clans now reside in the cold, harsh mountains. Since the move, a shift in the clans has happened. Clans have become increasingly harsher towards each other, to adapt to the cruel conditions up on the mountain. Selfish leaders rose and fell, but the fact remained the same.. The clans are no longer living in peace, alliances are rare and the clans live by a strict rule; kill or be killed. 

Scarlet Era

Between 2015 and 2016
Known as the Scarlet Era because of all the blood spilled during this era.

With the cold air of the mountain chilling the hearts of many this was the start of a new era.  The mountains proved to be harsher than imagined, clans were adapting to less prey and worse weather. No longer was peace an option, the clans were full of snakes with selfish intentions. The rise of the notorious Emberstar (of ShadowClan) and Hazelstar (of WindClan) wreaked havoc on the clans. Dictatorship and cruel, even deranged, rules were now the new way of leading clans. 

Wars and battles were prominent among this era. During this time, the most bloodshed was spilled. Clans fought over territories and the silliest of things. Tensions were at their highest. The Fire was also very relevant during this era, waging a war against the clans. The Fire outsmarted the clans and took control of them. They made the clans do cruel things and treated them like slaves. It took moons, but eventually the clans put aside their differences for the greater cause and fought off The Fire. The battle was gruesome, resulting in the death of many but the clans did win and earned back their freedom.

The Depression

Between 2016 and 2017
Known as the depression for all the unfortunate events that happened during this era.

After the downfall of the dictators The Depression began. The clans were left in bad shape from previous battles and hope for a brighter future seemed to be lost. During this time the clans were quiet, kept to themselves. During the summer of 2016 the clans experienced a massive flood from a broken damn, which completely flooded out their territory and forced them to spend the summer inside the city, on rooftops and in abandoned buildings.

The Fire made a comeback shortly after the clans got back on their feet. ShadowClan aligned with The Fire, instructing them to takeout RiverClan. The Fire obliged and onslaught became of RiverClan, nearly killing them all. Floodstar of RiverClan rose to power after the previous high ranks were slaughtered and reached out for the other clans to help. The clans turned their back on RiverClan which resulted in severe punishments from StarClan. A harsh blizzard struck with resulted in the death of the ThunderClan leader, while in WindClan a branch completely impaled Oakstar and in ShadowClan, Rookstar was stripped of eight lives. RiverClan struck for revenge against ShadowClan and killed both Rookstar and his successor/son Wildstar. The score was considered even after this.

After the punishments and onslaught the clans were silent for many moons, hardly leaving their territories for anything. Nobody wanted to sink the sinking ship even further. 

The following summer a tornado struck the area, which resulted in the death of many. High ranks were killed, leaving the clans with almost nothing. Greedy cats claimed high ranks for themselves, while others waited for StarClan to send them signs. In WindClan an evil, selfish leader rose to power; Mushroomstar. His quest was simple, he wanted to destroy the other clans and rule WindClan with no other threats. Making a deal with the devil (a shady rogue) he was given 'the plague' which he was instructed to use to poison the freshkill piles of other clans, and so he did. Karma struck and this backfired on WindClan, instead of taking out the other clans the plague destroyed WindClan, resulting in the total death of the clan.

The New Age

2018 - ?
Known as the new age for the hopes of change and a brighter era than the depression

After the downfall of WindClan many moons passed, and the downfall of dictators was on the horizon. New high ranks rose to power and promise of a brighter future. WindClan was eventually brought back, led by Whitedream a former WindClan medicine cat.

At the first gathering after WindClan's revival, the clans were visited by the ancient leaders that died in the fire from decades ago. The leaders were fading from StarClan's existence and before completely dissipating they gifted the leaders (Applestar, Floodstar, Pumpkinstar and Whitestar) the ancient relics (see above on the sidebar) to wear with pride. They explained to the current leaders the meaning behind the relics and then faded out of existence. 

(More to come!)