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Past clan names • Weaselkit, Roachkit, Oakpaw, Oakblaze, Oakstar
Personality traits  • Tempermental, intense, vain, noble, proud, loving, intelligent, clever, passionate

Loyalties • Windclan born and raised
Date of leadership • December 22, 2016

Mother • Jewel, previously Weaselsong. ([Kittypet]
Father • Beepelt [deceased]
Sisters • Precious, previously Creamkit. Joy, previously Goldkit. [Kittypets]
Brothers • None
Offspring • None

Crush • No one he'd disclose.
Mate • No one he'd disclose.
Past mates • Orchidstar

Health • No current health issues
Scars •  Scars across nose, on both cheeks, over forehead and on neck from combat. Long scar on right shoulder from a flood incident. Large patch of scar tissue on both sides of his flank from being impaled during a blizzard.
Injuries • None
Physical build • Svelte and all compact muscle. Very little fat, smooth fur and a prominent roman nose.
Breed appearance • Oriental Shorthair

Theme song • Second Child, Restless Child by the Oh Hellos
Voice reference •  Deep and southern.

•Enjoys games and challenges
•Tends to have strange motions, dances and shifts from paw to paw when anxious
•Will never not look stunning for a gathering
•Adores a good play fight
•Often not in his den, and he’s well known for getting up in the night to run and burn off energy before sleep
•Can be slightly startling with complete mood changes

Oakstar's thoughts on other clans

ThunderClan -- "Often ain't my concern. If it came to it, would work as real good allies. From what I’ve seen, they’ve got soft hearts with a lot of weight to throw around. Their leader has a good head on his shoulders, and he’s a kind and carin’ cat. Compassionate even. I might even go as far to say that I'd trust him with my life if it came to it."

RiverClan -- "Things are tense between us n’ them. I think they might blame us for what happened to them, but I will accept no such guilt. My clan has paid our price already, whatever blame they got left can fall on deaf ears for all I care. Now, we need to move forward. There's a common enemy here, and I’m willing to flash claws."

ShadowClan -- "Bastards. Threatenin’, rogue-lovin’, herb-guardin’ bastards. They’ll get what's comin’ to em one day, get stomped like the snakes they are, and they'll deserve it too."