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 We are the most clever clan, and we take pride in being one with the water.
We are quick to adapt and will do anything to protect each other. We are grace, we are power, we are RiverClan.
Do you have what it takes to swim with us, or would you rather run away?


"Fear is the tool with which new, stronger worlds can be carved."
g e n d e r -  tom
a g e - 33 moons
m a t e - covetongue
a p p r e n t i c e - tidalpaw
l i k e s - rain, his sisters, lavender, war, battle strategies, training, ducks
d i s l i k e s - disloyalty, disobedience, weakness, strong tasting fish

A former soldier and healer of The Fire; Slatestrike is coy, cunning, dark. He's rather socially awkward due to not being used to being social, only knowing how to take and follow orders. Trusting others is very hard for him to achieve. He is a very skilled fighter, though he might go a bit overboard for clan standards, but has chosen to leave this behind and heal those who his people had once slaughtered. But do not be fooled: just because his paws are dedicated to healing, they will still bring harm should the occasion arise.

"Are you gonna eat that?"
g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 32 moons
m a t e - none
a p p r e n t i c e - none
l i k e s - sleeping, eating, playing with kits, collecting pebbles, snow
d i s l i k e s - lightning, toads, wasps and bees, sickness

More often than not, Bluehawk can be found sprawled out in the sun, belly up and snoring. He believes that everything can be fixed with a quick nap or with a full belly, even if it's a stomach ache! Despite being the goof ball of RiverClan, Bluehawk makes for a formidable foe and a force to be reckoned with in the face of danger. He carries a level head and a good heart, and is fueled by the livelihood of his clan.
"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly."
g e n d e r -  she-cat
a g e - 25 moons
m a t e - forbidden
a p p r e n t i c e - deerpaw
l i k e s - birdwatching, feathers, snow, shells, leafbare, climbing
d i s l i k e s - storms, strong currents, loud noises, violence, bugs

Spottedbird is a quiet and motherly cat who believes strongy in brains over brawn. She believes that peacemaking is infinitely more effective than battle, and will always work towards tranquility and harmony among her Clanmates. She finds violence to be abhorrent and is often made nervous by flowing water. Most of her time is spent in her den, but any opportunity she gets to take a break is spent watching birds or collecting pretty objects.


g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 8 moons
l i k e s - swimming, snow, the quiet, his clan, kits, sunbathing
d i s l i k e s -  lighting and thunder, squirrels, awkward conversations, outsiders, disappointing others

Deerpaw isn't what some would consider the typical budding, young medicine cat's apprentice. he is a bit of a pessimist in most respects and enjoys using sarcasm on the daily, sometimes even just to annoy some rude clanmates. He is loyal and confident though is easily frustrated and very stubborn, but tries to keep his attitude under control most of the time. Despite his cold nature he would make a good friend, talkative and compassionate and maybe a tad over protective. He is easily flustered by shows of affection and is quite awkward and unaffectionate himself. Deerpaw works for his clan and himself and strives to improve both of them even if he is a bit snappy in the process.