Broken rules may result in an immediate removal of your account depending on the severity and strikes.

The difference between "Rules" and "Warriors Rules" is that "Rules" pertains to site etiquette rules.
"Warriors Rules" pertains to rules revolving around the roleplay.

1. No bullying. This will not be tolerated, and may result in an immediate ban depending on severity. Please remember that cyber bullying is illegal.

2. Harassing any member of the site is strictly not allowed. Trying to overrule or rebel against any member of the site will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

3. Do not cause drama. If you become known as a troublemaker you risk being banned.

4. Refrain from impersonating anybody. Password-guessing or hacking into anybody else's account is not allowed. Take note that hacking is illegal. 

5. Flagging users without reason will result in an immediate ban. There is a way of seeing who flags who.

6. Spamming/flooding is strictly not allowed.

7. No spamming via group messages. No private messages with inappropriate content, and no inappropriate profile comments. 

8. Keep your profile content appropriate.

9. Nothing involving mature and controversial topics such as rape, suicide, abortion, drugs, religion or politics are allowed on the site, including forums and shoutboxes. Discrimination is not allowed. Creating arguments about controversial topics will result in an immediate ban.

10. Take personal or real life matters to PM ( private message ) immediately. Not everybody wants to read about what you have going on in your daily life, and it can make the atmosphere awkward. 

11. No advertising in the chatboxes, forums, profiles, comments or by group messaging.  All advertising has to be done on the advertise page.

12. All characters must abide by the warriors guidelines (height, name, etc. See Warriors rules for more information).

13. Do not steal or heavily reference other peoples' characters. 

14. Stealing Bryniel's graphics, even if they are old ones, is strictly not allowed.  Our graphic designers work hard to create the graphics you see all over the site, and no site but Bryniel has the right to use them.

15. You cannot use art that doesn't belong to you, if you haven't purchased it, created it or have permission to use it you cannot use it on Bryniel. If it's copyrighted and you don't have permission to use and get caught Bryniel is not responsible, the member violating the copyright will be.

16. If an account goes inactive, or a member quits the account will be removed to save bandwidth.

17. Any free art made for you by the Bryniel staff / from Bryniel can not be resold or redistributed.

18. No bright flashing or quick flashing GIF's are allowed anywhere on the site.

19. You may only post a in a shoutbox if you're currently using it, the must be relevant to bryniel [requests, commissions for bryniel users] and all bryniel rules must be followed on the if you are to advertise it on this site.

20. You may not give out any spoilers on Bryniel, no matter what the topic is. If you'd like to discuss spoilers please bring it to private message,

21. You may not interact with banned members or trolls. Interacting with them can result in your own removal.

22. All ethnicities, genders, and sexualities are to be respected in and out of character. Discrimination towards other members will not be tolerated.

23. Members are completely responsible for what they post on Bryniel, Anything stolen, illegal, etc, is their responsibility and not the staffs.

24. Staff's word is law.