Warrior Cats

We are the strong clan, we take pride in our ambitious ways.
Though we may appear distant and coldhearted, we are loyal to each other and united as one.
Do you have what it takes to fight with us or flight?


"The roses have wilted, the violets are dead. the demons run circles round and round my head"

g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 40 moons
m a t e - none
a p p r e n t i c e - none
l i k e s - loyalty, humiliation of others, being victorious
d i s l i k e s - RiverClan, defeat

A cunning tom is the best way to describe Burningstar. He knows when to play the part, he knows how to trap others in his words. He's not evil, but don't mistake him for an angel. He harbors a lot of hatred for RiverClan and what they did to his previous leader, leading him to be more vengeful than ever. He is a sly tom, that can wiggle his way into anyone, trap them with his charm and condemn them to an awful fate. He is a brute and the urge to fight runs through his blood.


"Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.."

g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 25 moons
m a t e - none
a p p r e n t i c e - none
l i k e s - newleaf, the smell of herbs, mice, climbing trees
d i s l i k e s - cats who think they're smart, stubborn cats, leaf-bare, bright lights

Wolfscorch is a rather rude tom, caring nothing for the feelings of others. He overly-judges them, unafraid to point out their faults in his sarcastic tone. He is also usually very pessimistic, unless it is about a patient. But he is smart, taking his time to think things through before acting. He is also very gentle, and has a bit of softness deep inside him, though it is hard to awaken.


"I will always find an easier path to do my job so I don't have to get up as much."

g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 26
m a t e - forbidden
a p p r e n t i c e - pricklepaw
l i k e s - long naps, bossing others around, cloudy weather
d i s l i k e s - hot weather, large birds, cats pointing out his crooked jaw

Mushroombelly is a pretty lazy tom, he enjoys bossing around his apprentice Pricklepaw just so he doesn't have to move much. Despite how lazy he is he is a very sociable cat, though be wary he does not let many cats into his life and is know to be sarcastic and short tempered.


"There's nothin' like me but me. I'm one of those flowers that only blooms only in the right temperature."

g e n d e r - she-cat
a g e - 7 moons
l i k e s - smelling flowers, working as Wolfscorch's apprentice
d i s l i k e s - other cats, getting her fur dirty, routy apprentices, loud noises

Pricklepaw had been born and raised in ShadowClan under the care of her father, Ghostlyfire and adoptive mother, Squirreldust. Like her (adoptive) mother, Pricklepaw is arrogant, rude, blunt and snooty. She only thinks of herself and her duties. She cares little for friends and often pushes around who those who consider her a friend. It's once in a blue moon when the she apprentice actually opens up to someone; she doesn't even open up to her father. Squirreldust would often comment badly on Pricklepaw's pelt and say how messy and gross it was so at times, Pricklepaw would be seen grooming herself more than the normal cat. Ghostly would reassure her but she would reject, taking the adopted mother's words over her father's.