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We are the strong clan, we take pride in our ambitious ways.
Though we may appear distant and coldhearted, we are loyal to each other and united as one.
Do you have what it takes to fight with us or flight?
Pumpkinstar is snow and ice, all practiced efficiency and chilly demeanor. He speaks little, and shares personal information about himself even less. The words he does allow himself to speak are of great value, trimmed of the fat of glamour and instead thick with mystique. Some may consider him wise, but most would consider him strange. Pumpkinstar’s eyes drift off at some invisible target when he is spoken to, and he can be seen soundlessly talking to himself. His past is shrouded, the origin of his scars left unsaid like many other things. He may struggle to get respect, due to his obvious kittypet blood and seemingly pushover mannerisms. However, Pumpkinstar is no soft, quiet tom. He has a constant hum between his ears, a constant thunder that’s always rolling through him. He may tolerate a lot, but he’s finding the limits of his patience quickly and the taste of power threatens to ruin him.
With a wit that keeps him on his toes, Crowpelt isn't one to lose a keen sense of his duties as both a loyal clanmate and a fierce fighter. Since he was a kit, his main motivation was a strong confidence and an ongoing dream: to become a true warrior. Little stopped him from pursuing such, and with wisdom from fellow clanmates and a cunning to learn quickly, Crowpelt has managed. Of course, flaws such as strangely small paws and moments of selfishness have plagued him time to time, but he does his best to overcome them and become stronger with each day. At first glance, this tom might appear to let his pride get in the way, but cross him or his clan, and surely there will be a price to pay.
Medicine Cat
Born to RiverClan, abducted as a kit, and then brought into ShadowClan, Fallenfox holds a hatred of his past. Despite this, he is gentle and well-mannered. A naturally curious tom, he likes to learn and try whatever is thrown at him. When getting to know others, he is welcoming and warm and wants to create a comfortable atmosphere for cats around him since he didn’t have that when he was younger. This tom is understanding and always has open ears if any clan members need someone to talk, wanting to not only help in healing physical ailments but also mental ones.