You need to sign up for every box individually, you can use the same email. Each box is different from each other. It is tedious, but worth it once you've sign up.


Having trouble setting up an icon on the roleplay boxes?

First you need to sign up on the roleplay box. Once you've done this and confirmed the email, follow with the next steps!
In the picture above you see the two red underlined areas. You need to check off that you want to use your gravatar image and the second part underlined shows you need to sign up with gravatar with the same email you used to sign up on the roleplay boxes, or it won't work.
Visist Gravatar and click sign in. From there you'll then be given an option to sign up. Do this and sign up for gravatar with the same email you used on the roleplay boxes!
After confirming the gravatar registration email hover over your account and click add image.
Click upload new
Pick a file and then next. From there it'll ask you to crop the picture if you want and then to rate the image from a g to r rating. After that you're all set up!


Whether you're a registered user on the shoutbox or not, you can do this!

If you're a REGISTERED user, click your shoutbox username and then...
When in your user options you'll see the "website" option, put in your Bryniel profile and when people click your name in the shoutbox theyll be redirected to your profile!

If you're using the shoutbox as a GUEST..

Like above, put your Bryniel profile in the website field that's in red and when people click your name they'll be redirected to your profile.