Spirit Groups

Spirit Groups are a class your character is put into upon filling out the questionnaire. 

In order to fill out the questionnaire your application must be approved, following this
you will be given a series of questions to answer. Based on your answers and application
you will be placed into a Spirit Group.

Each Spirit Group has a rune, this rune appears on the user when they're their
powers. It glows to show powers are in use but is invisible when they aren't.



Those with the ignis Spirit Group are able to  control weather and electricity.

Electricity unpredictable and hard to control. One must overcome personal struggles to be able to use their anger and other strong emotions  to control such a powerful tool. Electricity can be very lethal and if not done properly can be accidentally used to harm allies. This gift requires a lot of discipline and drains energy from the user during each use, one must be careful not to overdo it.
Ignis characters are venomous and can not only hurt enemies but allies, these characters must be careful with their power. 

Level 1
 Characters are able to generate weak lightning from the sky in an outdoor setting, this requires a lot of focus and control from them.  They can create cloudy skies to block out the sun/moon.

Level 2
Characters at this stage are now able to generate normal lightning from the sky. They can create a full blown thunderstorm at this stage.

Level 3
At this stage ignis characters are able to call upon strong lightning from the sky. Inside them runs an electric current where they re able to generate weak lightning from their mouth, claws and from a whip of their tail.  They can now create rainstorms (within thunderstorms if they choose) as well as fog (light or thick).

Level 4
At the final stage ignis characters are now able to generate normal lightning from the electric current that runs through their veins, shooting it still from their tail whip, claws and mouth. Finally they can now create a snowstorm/blizzard.


Those of the Terra Spirit Group have access to Telekinesis  & Telepathy.

Characters in this group must be able to control their inner strength to move and bend objects. This group doesn't require much wit or imagination, as it relies on using strength to move/bend objects offensively and defensively. Characters of this group can use telepathy to communicate to each other or send messages to non-telepathy characters. This is a great warning system.


Level 1
Characters able to send a sentence with telepathy an able to move lightweight objects within a few meters.

Level 2
Characters are now able to send up to four sentences between telepathy. Additionally they can now move objects that aren't too heavy. They can now bend and destroy objects.

Level 3
At this stage the characters telepathy is fully unlocked. They are now able to move heavy objects within a fair proxinity of themselves.

Level 4
At the final stage, the character has now fully unlocked their telekinesis and can now move/bend any object no matter the weight within eyesight.



Those with the aqua Spirit Group are able to control energy.

Energy control is a hard power to master, it takes great chi to be able to control and manipulate energy. Those that can harness energy are able to heal others through an energy transfer, draining their own to fill the energy of a wounded comrade. Likewise they can leech energy to heal themselves. Characters of this Spirit Group are also able to enhance their own attributes (strength, speed, etc) through their energy for short periods of time.

Characters of this category struggle the most between right or wrong. To heal their comrades or selfishness only look out for themselves. They are not required to heal anyone but themselves if they choose not to.

Level 1
Characters are able to transfer their own energy to a comrade in order to heal them. It takes them a day to fully recharge.

Level 2
Characters are now able to fully recharge energy transfer (healing) within half a day. They are now able to use energy to enhance their strength, speed, dexterity, sight (see for longer distances) as well as a 'sixth sense' to locate movement nearby for a short period of time.

Level 3
At this stage characters are now able to fully recharge within 6 hours. They can now use the energy in water to manipulate it. They can now also use their own energy to purify water.

Level 4
At their final stage, characters are now able to fully recharge their energy within 3 hours. They can now enhance any attribute of themselves for a lenghty period of time. Alternatively they can now pull energy from plant life to refill their own, bare in mind this will kill the plant life.



Those of the Ventus Spirit Group are able to manipulate Light and Shadows

Characters of this category must use wit on how to use their ability to fight and defend. This group requires creativity and imagination, for the power is tricky and only those who can understand how to use it to their benefit will thrive. It is easy for a Ventus character to be confused on how to use their power, and if they don't learn quickly they will be left behind. They may only pull light/shadows from existing light/shadows.

Ventus can be the most fun Spirit Group, as it requires a lot of imagination and thinking outside of the box. While it can be challenging, it is rewarding to master this power.

Level 1
Able to pull light from the sun/moon to create more light, able to pull shadows to create more shadows/darkness. Characters must figure out how to use this to their advantage.

Level 2
At this stage characters can now additionally see in the dark with thermal/night vision. Likewise they can see through 'blinding light'. They can now 'animate' shadows and use them as illusions.

Level 3
Characters are now additionally able to control the temperature around them, making it more warm with light and cold with shadows.

Level 4
At their final stage characters are now able to disappear into shadows, essentially being invisible to everyone else. They are now able to absorb the light from the sun and reflect it onto a target, causing serious burns.