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In a world where humans never existed and never roamed the earth, the dominant species are cats. But how you ask? Thousands of years ago, the spirits of life descended upon the lands and gifted the power of bending to four felines. Airbending, waterbending, firebending and earthbending. The energy and power of the four elements has to be contained, it has to be stored and so the spirits chose the cats to be the bearers of the elements. With this each ability allows the feline to bend their element. The four founding fathers of the elements sought out to create their own clans, to create their own kingdoms for their element. EarthClan, WaterClan, FireClan and AirClan came to be. From there the bending abilities were passed down from bloodlines and the clans flourished.

The bearers of the elements were intended to use them with purpose, for what they're meant for. To keep peace on earth, but as each clan grew better with their bending, unlocking new skills and mastering the art they soon realized the power they really had. Greed and dominance became issues within the clans. Certain benders fought to be the strongest and best element. Wars broke out and the spirits grew angry. To restore peace the spirits created The Avatar. The one cat that could bend all the elements and was implemented to keep peace among the clans. Only one Avatar could live at once, when one died another was reincarnated. Over the thousands of years each Avatar either successfully or unsuccessfully managed to keep peace. The clans experienced ups and downs.

With the last Avatar Riku passing away, the clans have yet to see another Avatar resurface in a long time. With the lack of an Avatar feuds and greed broke out again. Order needs to be restored between the four clans before they self-destruct..


This is a roleplay based off The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra mixed with Warrior Cats. This operates a lot like the clans on the warriors side, with four clans that face hardships. The difference? These cats can bend the elements and live in much different territory than typical Warrior Cats. If you don't know what bending is, we suggest reading this. Bare in mind that in TLA/LOK the benders use their limbs to bend their element, because we're using cats (four legged animals) it's impossible to replicate how the humans bend their elements. Which leaves you to wonder, how do I roleplay my cat bending their element? The answer is simple, use any form of movement you want. We don't have any expectations, how  you want to bend is up to you. We feel as though creating specific movements and guidelines for bending would be too complicated and thus easy and fun for you guys!