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We are the forest clan, and we take pride in being loyal and peaceful, we live an breathe for the warrior code.
Our loyalty is what binds us together as one.

Do you have what it takes to hunt with us, or would you rather run away?

"A true leader inspires devotion through respect; not fear."
g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 29 moons
m a t e - none
a p p r e n t i c e - none
l i k e s - training, new-leaf, obedience, order, loyalty, daytime
d i s l i k e s - laziness, disorganization, the unknown, lakes, riverclan, The Fire

A loyal, intelligent, calm individual can be used best to describe Hollowstar. He puts his clan first, and can often be found worrying about them more than his own personal health. His determination to see ThunderClan survive is superb, albeit he does care deeply for his clan, he does not often express but instead uses actions moreso than words. Even during trying times, the tom can be seen with a calm and stoic demeanor. This tom is not without faults, as he too can be quite harsh and stubborn at times. He can often come off as rude, and even judgmental but this does not leave him to not see the bigger picture.
"Sometimes you just need a little spark in your life!"
g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 25 moons
m a t e - none
a p p r e n t i c e - none
l i k e s - happiness, socializing, family, autumn
d i s l i k e s - rudeness, abandonment, summer, chaos

Naturally optimistic, he tries to constantly keep a radiant and positive outlook to life. He is easy to get along with and is able to sympathize with his Clanmates- even if he can't always relate. He comes with flaws: a major one being his nosiness. He desires to be in the know but because of this he enjoys socializing with others. Dangerously stubborn, he will do everything he can for either himself or his Clan and dislikes when things don't turn out. A tad bit naive, don't fool his youthful innocence as weakness; it makes it easier to keep his and others spirits alive considering he is more than capable of mentally keeping up with his older Clanmates. Blunt and observant, he won't hesitate to put his, sometimes mistaken, two sense in and lay out the truth as he sees it.
"Smile, the worst is yet to come."
g e n d e r - she-cat
a g e - 24 moons
m a t e - forbidden
a p p r e n t i c e - applepaw
l i k e s - happiness, flowers, fields, laughter, friendships, sunny mornings, safety, herbs
d i s l i k e s - germs, mistreatment, rain, sadness, thoughts of death, war, pressure

Littlepeach is one of the many sweet cats that build up the foundation of ThunderClan. She relies heavily on the groups policies, making her naturally selfless and positive. The molly often is noted as clumsy, possessing rather childish qualities that can make her seem rather comical. She is naturally funny, with sarcastic remarks and cheesy jokes - which she uses to her advantage to cheer those up around her. Altogether the female is a beaming ray of light, her overly-happy personality can sometimes lead her to big problems. Littlepeach often finds herself having difficulties controlling her breathing, whether she's been running too much, or has been particularly stressed out.
"There is no need to have it all. Just make the best of what you have."
g e n d e r - tom
a g e - 6 moons
l i k e s - rabbits, sunsets, sweet-smelling herbs
d i s l i k e s - cold weather, fish, violence

Applepaw is very much the definition of a pacifist. Even when he was young, he didn't engage in tussles and wrestling matches like his littermates, and found comfort in simply relaxing in the sunshine. It was certainly no surprise to his mother when he earned his role as Windclan's medicine cat in training. He takes pride in his work, but doesn't outwardly show it much, and is very humble.