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The cats of the forest

We are the forest clan, and we take pride in being loyal and peaceful, we live an breathe for the warrior code.
Our loyalty is what binds us together as one.
Do you have what it takes to hunt with us, or would you rather run away?
Naturally optimistic, he tries constantly to keep a positive take on things. Fairly easy to get along with, he is quick to take the burden for any issues involving his clan mates; no matter how big or small the it may be. Some major, couple flaws of his are his pride and nosiness: he is too proud to ever admit when he needs help, let alone go seeking it out if it means betraying his Clan. He also tends to stick his nose in the business of others, even if not asked. Don't mistake his youth for weakness - he won't hesitate to show his verbal or physical prickliness if it comes down to it.
Born of mixed-blood, she has the audacity to question everything and everyone around her. Topazblaze is steadfast in her own opinion and openly challenges those who propose alternative ideas, for she wants to understand their thinking. Determined to help by heart, tongue, and claw, Topazblaze believes in pushing her peers to the breaking point out of tough-love. Valuing respect above all else, Topazblaze’s core desire is to see those around her thrive. Despite her best intentions, Topazblaze’s rocky upbringing means she tends to jump to violence prematurely and use her size to intimidate others when convenient.
Medicine Cat
Orphaned young, Birchwhisker's skin thickened fairly quickly in life. Years of wandering alone forced him to develop an aloof attitude, never growing too fond of any one cat or place, and remnants of this can still be seen in him today. However, he is a naturally calm, observant, intelligent feline who keeps an open mind to most beliefs. He is a stout believer in destiny, mercy, and treating others how one would like to be treated, refusing to tolerate unnecessary cruelty. Patient, he is willing to help others however he might be able to. However, one of his biggest flaws is his lack of ability to put trust in others. Spiritual, he follows the path of Starclan without question, and has a very strong morals.