Chased out of our home, Windclan has been brought down low over and over, but now we rise from the ashes the fire left, stronger than ever. Quick-witted and quick-footed, we are the rulers of the moorland, and our hearts beat in tandem with the blowing wind. We may be smaller than most, but understimating us will only lead you to your doom; we are cunning as we are fast, and our unique tactics are unmatched all across the land. Without trees to block the view, our endlessly rolling hills are the closest to Starclan out of all the territories, and our faith in them is as unwavering as our loyalty to our kin. We are the clever runners, and we came back to stay.

Whitestar on WindClan

Date of Leadership


March 10th 2018

Whitestar was the first WindClan leader to recieve the ancient relic that were lost in the fire from decades go.

Past Names

Whitekit, Whitepaw, Whitedream


Palewing (Father) Twilightpool (Mother) Creampaw (Brother) Lightpaw (Sister) Shorelight (Aunt) Otternose, Floodstar, Rainthorn, Slatestrike (Cousins)

Crush / Mate


Lives Remaining

Has lost none.


Whitestar is mostly known for his unwavering faith in Starclan, the same passion and interest from which his main talent flows; deciphering omens, namely the skill that earned him his suffix, dream. He is loyal to a fault, both to his clan and his superiors, and can't fathom the idea of putting another clan or his personal interests before his clan's well being. It is difficult, of course, to love every single clanmate, but it's evident that his affections toward his clan are mostly born out of a sense of duty and honor. The pale tabby is not the manipulative type, nor one to actively try and harm others without cause. Whitestar is a very honest cat, and wouldn't lie unless it was justfied in favor of the greater good, and even so, he'll spite it out through gritted teeth. However, a love for honor and truth does not mean lack of intelligence; as clever as his Clan, Whitestar is a very resourceful and quick-witted cat, good at solving problems with thoughtful strategy. Despite not being an arrogant or stuck-up cat, there's a certain pride deep within Whitestar. It is not unexpected from a leader, yet it comes from the seasons he spent as little more than a sidekick. As a medicine cat, Whitestar believed himself to be meant for something more than what Starclan initially appointed him for. Ever patient, he accepted his fate and bid his time, and now that he finally has what he has yearned for so very long, he'll grow prickly whenever someone tries to undermine the authority and responsability he believes was meant for him. He loved his leaders, but he can't deny the envy he felt while watching them rule from below, nor the jealousy that still strikes him sometimes.

Voice Reference


Theme Song

Our Aftermath by PhemieC

Whitestar, then Whitedream and former medicine cat, recieved the omen that would lead him to gathering WindClan's scattered members and bring the Clan back to their rightful territory, the moorland. (February 2018)

WindClan is currently neutral with ThunderClan.

In living memory, Thunderclan has never given Windclan a reason to mistrust them, and Windclan certainly doesn't have a reason to turn needlessly anger a fellow clan right now. As far as the moor-dwellers are concerned, these two are on good terms.

WindClan is currently neutral with RiverClan.

Same as the others, Windclan expects RiverClan to be rather wary of  them, but will extend a friendly paw to anyone willing to draw them into an alliance, and this would include Riverclan. The past is in the past, and if Windclan hopes to regain their ancient strength, they'll have to dispose of old grudges.

WindClan is
currently neutral but wary with ShadowClan.

ShadowClan has been known for being vile and powerhungry, and though many cling to these bitter memories, it might be in Windclan's best interest to let bygones be bygones and start anew with the other clans, and Shadowclan is no exception. They won't act hostile for now, but it wouldn't take much to stir mistrust between them

WindClan is
currently neutral but wary with Clanless.

Clanless cats have never been kind to WindClan, and some of the Clan's most devastating blows came from rogues and loners. The Clan is willing to give any cat a chance, as they need to grow their numbers if they hope to become what they once were, but there's a certain mistrust and tension between those not clan-born and those who are every time they meet for the first time.

WindClan is currently open for alliances, pending how they benefit WindClan.

When it comes to outsiders, Whitestar is wary, but not hostile. He has a duty to his Clan and his kin, but he knows many of his warriors were once loners accepted into the Clan. He will question, but never cruelly or harshly unless given reason to. An outsider who proves not to be a threat will be treated as a guest, as far as he's concerned, but Whitestar will never feel quite at ease until he knows a cat's true intentions.

When it comes to forbidden relationships, Whitestar has mixed views. His first and realest love was Thunderclan's then-medicine cat, whom he loved dearly and mantained a close friendship with as they grew older. Because of this, he can sympathize with those in said situation, but just like he did back then, he trusts that his warriors will choose WindClan as well; relationships may end, but your Clan is forever, and so should one's loyalty to it. It is a cruel choice, to pick between your heart's desire and duty, but Whitestar believes there's a correct answer, no matter how hard it is to accept.

When it comes to the Warrior CodeWhitestar supports it for the most part. He believes that it's important to have a set of solid rules for all four clans to follow, and the Code indeed is the fundation of their lifestyle, the one thing that separates them from rogues and loners. But they are old, old rules, as ancient as the stars above, and sometimes they need to be bended to adjust to today's problems.

When it comes to traitors,  Whitestar's harsh side shows. It is pristine, clinically pale and sharp as a gleaming dagger; forbidden love he understands, but for someone to consciously betray their Clan, the very same cats that gave them food, shelter and love? It is simply unfathomable. Unforgivable. Whitestar would be angry, but he would not shout; his rage is cold enough to freeze up lakes, and to see him lay down a sentence for a traitor is jarringly chilling.

When it comes to trespassing,  Whitestar is less forgiving. Just as he does with outsiders, he would question and analyze the situation, but unless there's a matter of great urgency, he doesn't see why trespassing would be necessary or acceptable. He would like all malicious trespassers chased off, though not killed unless they became hostile and attacked a WindClanner. Any of his cats who purposely stray into another Clan's territory will be punished as well.