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"Of all the clans, WindClan has been regarded as the weakest for as long as anyone can remember. We've been called scrawny, dependent, inept. This couldn't be more wrong...Born with the soul of the wind inside us, we are the fastest of all the clans, outran and outwitted by no other. We share a bond of loyalty stronger than kin, sewn together like the stars we sleep beneath. If dependence is the strength to accept and show compassion, then we're guilty as charged, but that does not make us helpless. Provoke us and see, our ferocity is that of gales searing the moorland, our endurance unwavering like the hills that block the dawn, and our determination ever-flowing like the streams that crease our lands. To be called weak is laughable."

                                                                - Lyrefeather(star) on WindClan 

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OPEN for new clan born characters
OPEN for rogues, loners and kittypets
OPEN for ThunderClan, ShadowClan and RiverClan transfers

Message Mushroomstar to have your outsider join!

T h u n d e r C l a n
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S h a d o w C l a n
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R i v e r C l a n
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WindClan's camp is on the side of a tall rocky ledge. The dens consist of fallen rocks from the ledge and dips dug out under the rocks for WindClanners to slink into and rest. Next to the camp is the burnt pine, destroyed by lightning long ago. The freshkill pile is near the rocky ledge.. The leader ( Mushroomstar ) stands next to their deputy ( Shrikeshadow ) on the Tall-ledge to make announcements. 

The medicine cat ( Tigerdance ) and medicine cat apprentice ( Salamanderpaw ) sleep in a rocky den at the far right of the camp. The den has dangling gorse over the entrance to keep rain out.

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