Warrior Cats

We are the fastest clan, and we take pride in being exposed to the sun and sky, which therefore makes us the closest to StarClan than any other clan in the forest!
Do you have what it takes to run with us, or would you rather run away?


"I will lead Windclan to glory, or die tryin’.”

g e n d e r - trans tom
a g e - 37 moons
m a t e - none
a p p r e n t i c e - turtlepaw
l i k e s - sparring, racing, cats who listen to him, being clean and looking good
d i s l i k e s - being underestimated, cats who don't contribute, enclosed spaces, cold weather

Though this tom has been known to be rather uncouth, Oakstar harbors a deep love for his clanmates somewhere behind the half-joking teasing he often gives them. His incredible fighting skill and quick claws are some of his most fearsome attributes, as well as his sharp wit and cunning ways. Oakstar is not likely to crack under pressure, and is certainly an ally that any cat would want on their side.


"I always thought I might be bad, now I'm sure that it's true."

g e n d e r - she-cat
a g e - 23 moons
m a t e - dappleblossom
a p p r e n t i c e - none
l i k e s - quiet days in the sun, Untouched snow, sparring
d i s l i k e s - den-building, Rain, small-talk

Leafpath is a down-to-earth sort of cat. She's very protective of her family and her clan. She tends to worry far more than she should, and is incredibly stubborn when she gets her mind set on a particular path. In her mind, her answer is the only one, which often leads to rash decisions and quick consequences.



g e n d e r -
a g e
m a t e
a p p r e n t i c e
l i k e s -
d i s l i k e s -


"Though she be but little, she is fierce."

g e n d e r - she-cat
a g e - 8 moons
l i k e s - socializing, making new friends, stealing pretty herbs, sunshine, cuddling
d i s l i k e s - water, being bored, sitting still, bearheart’s spankings

Announced by her own bubbly laughter or loud exclamations, beepaw's energetic liveliness is something impossible to miss. going hand-in-hand with her excitability, her boisterousness is most reflected in her somewhat disruptive presence and clamorous entrances. She has a habit of tumbling into others, stepping on tails, chasing seniors, stealing pretty herbs, and trying to catch little ladybugs while running under the bellies of fellow Windclanners!